maandag 30 september 2013

beanie time

I already been this far

The fluffy fake fur ball

My new top, made by my mom


I told you about making beanies with my mom. Yesterday we did it.
Sadly I forgot my photocamera and phone, actually my whole bag, at home. So I've no pictures from the whole event.

It was so funny. There were old grandma's who were made them for their grandchilderen and very young people like me or even younger.
There were boys and girls and husbands who were actually just waiting but started to make a beanie when they saw the great colors and massive group of people who were busy.

I choose for just one color, burgundy, and at the end I'll make a fluffy ball on the top.

What do you guys think about my new top?

My mom knitted it. I love the color and it is so soft. And I like the front, it is just a bit different, not a normal tee.

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Mine was!


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