maandag 30 september 2013

beanie time

I already been this far

The fluffy fake fur ball

My new top, made by my mom


I told you about making beanies with my mom. Yesterday we did it.
Sadly I forgot my photocamera and phone, actually my whole bag, at home. So I've no pictures from the whole event.

It was so funny. There were old grandma's who were made them for their grandchilderen and very young people like me or even younger.
There were boys and girls and husbands who were actually just waiting but started to make a beanie when they saw the great colors and massive group of people who were busy.

I choose for just one color, burgundy, and at the end I'll make a fluffy ball on the top.

What do you guys think about my new top?

My mom knitted it. I love the color and it is so soft. And I like the front, it is just a bit different, not a normal tee.

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Mine was!


zaterdag 28 september 2013



Today I went together with my mom to the nearest town, Sittard, Netherlands.

We went to a teashop. You can make your own taste of tea there or buy a taste that alredy excist. All of the teas are biologic.
My mom loves tea. She drinks almot every taste and a lot of it.:P

I'm not really a tea person, I guess more a hot-chocolate person. But I bought a bit of tea in this lovely store. I bought Turkisch apple. I love the taste of apple as cake and drink, so maybe as tea too!

They have also a

If you in near you can also do a hightea with chocolate and cupcakes( wich you can buy there too.)

Tomorrow I'll go make a beanie together with my mum in a woolshop in Sittard.
Of course I'll show when I'm ready!

So this weekend I spent all most my whole time with my mom!


vrijdag 27 september 2013

woensdag 25 september 2013




I love T-shirts. And currently Boyfriend t-shirts. (n my cause brother shirts:P)

Thank god to my brother he has a t-shirt addict.


maandag 23 september 2013


                             Wollstreet, a knitstore in Sittard, Netherlands near my place.

Tonight my moms knittingclub is at our home. It's very fun. If you don't want autumn or winter to come, you change your mind in just one second if you see those cozy and soft projects of these lady's.

They have all different projects. One knits a jumper, an other one socks and one a very colorfull scarf.

You can make such great different things!

I knit by myself. It's great to get lots of compliments when you wear a selfmade scarf or beanie.

My mom sells knitting yarn and sets to make a scarf or beanie. If you want to buy or have a view on her collection you can e-mail to:

I hope you get the knitvirus too!!:P


zondag 22 september 2013

ZZ Zangersheide

There were lots of tiny dogs there.

At one of the stalls in the more exclusive market.

Sweet and soft foals!

Horse jumping competition.

The tribune for Vip's like Sheiks and other rich people.

More horse jumping.

Stall for the normal people:P

Today I went to Zangersheide. That's a horse training station in Lannaken, Belgium.

This weekend there was a kind of fair. There were octions, horse jumping competitions and a lot of stalls(food, farms and horse ride clothing.)

Under the tribunes there was a more exclusive market with very expensive brands like Mercedes and Swarovski. There was also a small restaurant, it smelled so good, but was only for VIP's.

After we looked around there, we went to the most sweetest erae of Zabgersheide.
The foals!

They are so soft and they like it when you kuddle them:)
They were so young, they have to stay by there moms.

Next year I'll go again!!



Jared Leto Hair Wallpaper


Do you know the last few videoclips of 30 seconds to mars?

I love them!! They always have a great message in it. And inspire you to be strong and be yourself.
It's great that a band support you to be different.

30stm Is actually the only band I know who does it. Maybe others doing it too, but I don't know them:(

One of the other great things of them. The fans are so different. The have very girly fans, nerdy fans, the classical rock fans young and old fans.

They are so different. I think it's great!

If you don't know them untill yet.

Just listen to them on youtube and I swear you're gonna love it!!


vrijdag 20 september 2013



Bofore I'm going to school(Ijust have to start at 12.45!!) I share you an outfit with a few lovely pieces.

The jumper is so lovely, except the color it is so cozy. That's of the things I love them so much.

The black skinny is just a perfect basic. I love to wear them. You can match them with every thing. Some times it looks classy the other time it breaths rock. Just great!!

I just love vintage bags. They are so unique, love it!!!

My dads shoes are so nice. Your outfit gets a instant boyisch touch. Love it!!

The Nike shirt is from my sport collection, hahaha. It fit perfect, like everything I own from Nike.

I just want to shew you a few favorites:P


donderdag 19 september 2013

just another day

Blazer:America Today


Before i'm going to eat I'll pos just some pictures. And after this I'm going to my training.

It's a thing I really looking forward to every week. If some of you do a sport too, they kno you get so much energy from it.

If you don't just try it. It feels great!


dinsdag 17 september 2013

It's me again

                                My new favorite picture :P

                                                Can you see the cat?
Scarf:My mom's


I wish I could change the weahter now with the weather just 1 week ago. There's a huge dark grey cloud above where I live.

On my yesterdays forest walk(you could see already some pictures) I saw a veryc ute cat lying in the sun. It looked at me and didn't move, haha.

This week isthe last beforetestweek starts so I will be learning the next 2 weeks a lot.
After that test week is it just 2 weeks left before I go to London again.

I just love that city. There's so much to see and to do. And here are so many stylisch people!
On every streetcorner there is a cool dressed guy or a girl witha  cute dress.

If you ever need some inspiration go to London(or search the internet on London streetstyle:P)

I can't wait to be there again!!