dinsdag 29 oktober 2013

Black & lace



The last few days the weather was very stormy here. Lots of rain and wind. So not the perfect weather to go outside.

Today, after I came home from school I baked Brownies, yummyumm. I really look forward to eat it :)
After the brownies I cooked rice with sweet sour sauce, it was delicious!!

Now I go to work.

Hope you all had a nice weekend!


zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

a mom and me day

Bag:Primark(last year)


Today I went together with my mom to Sittard, Netherlands.
We drank a hot chocolat at Fee conceptstore + cafĂ©, bought fruit and vegetables at the market and at the end we went to a little shop with vintage clothing.

I bought lovely shoes, a jacket and top. I'll show you in another post :P

Today was a very warm day, we didn't need jackets and had to search for our sunglasses again. Great!!

Fall holiday is already a week ago and school started again. (For me a bit later because I became ill :(, but I feel better now)
With the start of school homework starts too. So maybe I can't post that often as I want to.


donderdag 24 oktober 2013

back alive


Sorry for the less outit posts.

As you maybe know my camera crashed, but I could borrow one from my brother.
And after this I became ill.

So after all I feel a lot better and I'll show you a bit often outfit posts :P



maandag 21 oktober 2013

London-part 2

                                          me looking not so happy:P It rained a lot
                                         walking to Hyde park. Follow the sun:P
                                             Taking a break at Buckingham Palace

                                                  Me in the London Eye
                                                Waiting at the O2 arena 
              Me and 2 friends at Catherine's dock, a small harbor in the middle of London
                               The whole group included the leaders and the sun :P


I'll show you some photos from my trip made by my friend Sander. He made all the pictures for the website.

I'll show you just a few, the other photos can you see Here.

It was a great trip with a lot of shopping and saw a lot of things like; Soho, China town, Hyde park and Camden town.

I picked the picctures out of all the others when I'm on it(and a few others :P)

hope you'll enjoy the little photo trip through London :P


donderdag 17 oktober 2013

London part 1

Sunday we went to Camden town. Great!!

The Underground!

Somewhere in Camdentown

My friends

More Camden

One leader bought a umbrella for an other leader, because it rained, a yellow one with a sun. It was very funny. Follow the sun!! haha.

King speech corner

We lived those five days in the Underground :P

Aren't they lovely!!


Sorry for the bad updating. As you all know I went to London last week.
It was great!!!

I've made some new great friends. There were a lot of funny moments.

Bad thing: my camera crashed a bit so I don't have a lot of photo's and my tablet I've got with me didn't received wifi so 5 days without internet and no time to update the blog. Sorry!!

I have just this couple of pictures made in this post. On the site of the organisation of the trip come more pictures, so I try to make a post with those photos.

I had such a great time! It was almost perfect.
We slept with a guest-family, who were very kind. And the food was so good!

I went with 2 friends and we went shopping a lot of the free-time(the rest of the time we ate :P)

At Primark I felt in love with the cosy boots at the last picture. Do you like them?

Tell you more about my trip another time :P


dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Be Prepared

Here those great beanie boxes and my self-made beanie with fake fur ponpom

What do you do when you ill and bored? Draw!!


After the heavy rain and a night sleep I became ill, so no outfit post on monday.
Now I feel a bit better but don't look so well.(see the pictures:P)

Today I made some photos for my moms shop.
See the great boxes? In these boxes are a needle, wool and a label, so you can make your own beanie with or without ponpom or a loop-scarf.
Very warm and stylisch!!

Sent me an e-mail if you want more info or buy it!! XP

Just a few days before London!!
On the friday before I go with a friend to The Octoberfest in Sittard, Netherlands. A Dutch radio-dj will play. He's really good!

Very excited!! Seeya!


zaterdag 5 oktober 2013

autumn starts really

The world is in our hands!!

Cute little girl. Will be definitly a great fashionista when she's older:)

Svea Berlie, model & photographer

Great view in Andalousia!


Sorry, today no outfit post.

When I would go outside it started to rain so heavy. I was thinking maybe tomorrow, but not now, hahaha.