zaterdag 28 september 2013



Today I went together with my mom to the nearest town, Sittard, Netherlands.

We went to a teashop. You can make your own taste of tea there or buy a taste that alredy excist. All of the teas are biologic.
My mom loves tea. She drinks almot every taste and a lot of it.:P

I'm not really a tea person, I guess more a hot-chocolate person. But I bought a bit of tea in this lovely store. I bought Turkisch apple. I love the taste of apple as cake and drink, so maybe as tea too!

They have also a

If you in near you can also do a hightea with chocolate and cupcakes( wich you can buy there too.)

Tomorrow I'll go make a beanie together with my mum in a woolshop in Sittard.
Of course I'll show when I'm ready!

So this weekend I spent all most my whole time with my mom!


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