vrijdag 30 mei 2014




Today was my Birthday and lucky me I had a day off, so I didn't go to school today.

The weather was great! The whole week it rained and was cold but today the sun was shining and it was really warm. So that was a great birthday present! :P

I received Thursday a package from sheinside, so I thought it would be nice to wear at my Birthday. And I totally love it!! I love the fabric and print and fit! I think this top will be one of my summer favs!

I spent the day with a walk and bought some cakes to give to my colleagues from my work.
They were very happy about it :P

Tomorrow I'll go buy my birthday present together with my mom. Then celebrate with my family and at night I'll party with my friends in a club.

So I think tomorrow will be a great day!!


It's my Birthday!!

Woehoe!! Today I finally turned 18!!

vrijdag 23 mei 2014

Sunny side up

Blazer:Vintage Marc Cain


Here are some stuff from my Primark haul last Tuesday.

This whole week we had summer weather here, so I was the whole week outside. :P

I was also very busy with school and work. So sorry for the bad updating!

So have all a nice weekend!! And hopefully the will be shining a lot!


maandag 19 mei 2014




Summer started finally here. Yesterday it was at some places even 28 degrees!!
So it's the right time to start wearing shorts and cute flowy tops and t-shirts.

But it's also the time you get easily sun burned. Like it hppened to me yesterday.
So my arms and neck hurt but thank God it is almost gone now.

So I think I'll sit in the garden when I'm home.


donderdag 15 mei 2014

Sick of the rain

 Boots: New Look
Jacket: C&A
Sunglasses: H&M


The last week it only rained so that's the leak of new outfit posts. But, here is a look from 2 weeks ago.
So what do you think?

I love the bikerlook. And I'm still in love with the boots I bought last October in London.

So have a nice day!!


zaterdag 10 mei 2014

day time dresses

                                         Red Round Neck Sleeveless Floral Jacquard Dress
                           I really like the bright pink and blue with the with on top
                                           White Sleeveless Porcelain Print Flare Dress
                               Those blue flowers on the white dress are lovely
                                            Pink Half Sleeve Scallop Hem Chiffon Shift Dress
                                           I think I will buy this one. I love it!!
                                               White Spaghetti Strap Backless Pleated Dress
                                                 The perfect summer dress
                                               Yellow Sunflower Print Drawstring Dress
                                  Love the cute flowers! Perfect dress for a real hot day


I found these great dresses on sheinside and I thought: Why shouldn't I share it with all of you?

So here are they!! Hope you like them as much as I do!


woensdag 7 mei 2014

Breakfast time


This was my today's breakfast. I really like the fresh fruit in the morning.
Of course I'm very happy I can finally eat strawberry's!

Tonight we will celebrate my sisters birthday. So this will be fun.
It's also the first party in my sisters and her boyfriend new house.

Have a nice day!!


dinsdag 6 mei 2014




Here are the pictures from my prom dress. I really like the flowy fabric. It waves behind you when you walk and you feel like a princess :P

Well, my prom was great. It was in a castle with water around and a lane, so I guess every girl felt like a princess.

At 2 pm I went to the hairdresser to do my hair and the weather was great, with sun and no wind. But just before I went to a friend to go together to the prom it started to rain :( So there was a little bit panic :P
Sadly we couldn't take any pictures so that's why the hair is a bit different as in the first picture.

In the castle was a room with a live band, one with a dj and a room where you could take pictures and was a bit room to sit down. Outside you could eat fries (so delicious after a few drinks :P)

At the end I could say it was a great night with a lot fun, dancing and drinks :P

So do you already had a prom? Let me know if you liked it!!


4 & 5 May

                                             The logo of the two days

                                                 You give freedom further

                                                    Our King and Queen

                                        A picture from one of the festivals

                                         This years ambassadors of freedom

                              There are always some veterans who will be honored

              The 2 minutes of silent in Amsterdam. There are always a lot of people there.


Here in the Netherlands we celebrate at 4 & 5 May that the World War 2 is over every year.

The official part is on the 4th, then do we think of all the people who are died in the war. We are all 2 minutes silent in honor of the fallen. I think it's a great sign of respect!

The fun part is at the 5th. Then do we celebrate the we are free. At a lot places in the whole country are festivals and there are always a few Dutch artists who are ambassador of freedom for this day and fly through the country with a helicopter to all the festivals.

These festivals are so nice! A lot of big names in the Netherlands are at these festivals were you can go for free.

I think it's so weird only the Dutch people do this and not all the other countries who had a lot to suffer of this war.

So I think it would be great if other countries will beginning to do something like this too!!

Now a such different subject. Tonight is the first part of the Eurovision Songcontest!! Every year my whole family is watching this. It's so great to see what different music styles are popular in countries who are neighbors.

So I'm very excited for tonight to see which countries are going to the finals!!


vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Simple Chic

Necklace: Persunmall
Shoes: Catwalk
Dress:Fee Conceptstore


So as promised a new look.

I really like this look. It's so classy and chic, I think.

I actually wanted to show this look outside, but it was a bit cold for bare legs :P
I took the pictures inside so there was not that much room for experimenting with other backgrounds :P

The necklace is from Persunmall. It is just perfect for a look like this. The shoes are my prom shoes and I like the gold/nude color and the sparkles (which matches with the necklace)

Sadly I have no occasion to wear an outfit like this in the next few weeks :(

Have a nice weekend!!