donderdag 3 oktober 2013

Is it really autumn?

I saw this when I was walking. So beautifull!!

Boots:Steve Madden


This whole week it's so good weather!!

The sun is shining all the time and it's still quite warm. Allmost 20 degrees!!
The only thing you'd maybe think it's autumn is the wind and of course it is so much earlier dark in the evening.

Oh and yess, I finshed my beanie. It's so cute with the little fake fur ball, and warm!:P
So, you'll probably won't see it soon in an outfit.

I already have holiday for two weeks. (because I already did an internship, I have a week extra:))

Does some of you also have holiday already? And what will you do then?

It's just one week left before I go to London. I'm so excited!!


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