dinsdag 28 april 2015

Inspiration/ What I've been up to


Sorry for my absence lately, but I had to sort some things out. I'm also really hard studying for my final exams.

Lately I'm struggeling a bit with what they call in German 'Fernweh'. It's something like going further and travel to unknown places.

I've sorted my closet out, throw away stuff I didn't use and I'm fully ready for a new start.

I'm looking forward to after summer, when wherever I'll go start my new life and be fully happy with it.

I hope you all understand what I've been through and I hope I can be a more productive blogger after my exams.

love you!!


zaterdag 11 april 2015


Jeans: oneteaspoon

Top: Zara

Bralet: sheinside

Bracelet: fee conceptstore


Here's a new look.

Hope you like it!!