woensdag 26 februari 2014

about this week..

Sweater: Religion at Fee concept store (last years)
boots: Dr. Martens


I'll show you my yesterdays look. I hadn't the time to make a post for the blog because I had to learn for my history test.

I was very funny just after I took the photo's the sun began to shine again. But I thought the pictures are still good, even it's without the sun :P

The whole week I run around in my most comfortable outfits. I spent my time with biking to school, make my tests, bike home, learn and make plans for all the carnaval party this weekend and next weeks break.

One problem I really don't know what kind of costume I should wear.
Maybe you could help me?


zondag 23 februari 2014


Glitters at Dolce & Gabanna

Great lace dresses at Pucci

More Winter proof dresses at Erdem

Long and flowy at Burberry Prosum


I had a really busy Saturday. First I've worked until 15.00 and then I would be picked up at home at 15.30 to go to the sauna with some friends. It was so relaxing!!
I'd never been to a sauna before but I definitely go more often!!

Today I slept until 14.00!! I never slept that long. The whole day I was so not really waked up, and now it's already time to sleep again, because I have test week again.

I'll try to take a new outfit pictures tomorrow and will of course show you.

Now I shoe you some of my favorites from London and Milan Fashionweek.


zondag 16 februari 2014


Jeans:(old one) America Today
Top:Cheap Monday
Boots:New Look


Today the sun was so bright shining, I had to take a few pictures!!

Sadly not all of them were great so I show you just a few.

On Saturday I worked and in the evening I had dinner with all my colleagues in a great restaurant in Valkenburg, Netherlands. It was so delicious, but also so very much so we couldn't eat everything.

Today I went to a model agency near my place. It was so fun!!

What have you done this weekend?


vrijdag 14 februari 2014

Fashion talks..


                                   The whole family at Victoria Beckham's show
                                      One of the most popular models 'OTM' 


Do you sometimes read an fashion article, see a video from real fashionistas or listen to an interview, and think 'What are you saying?!'

Well, maybe I have something that you may help understand all these rare words.

'My Little Fashion Dictionary'

Here I collect some terms you need to know when you want to understand fashion.



Frow(or F’row) refers to the, you guessed it, front row at a catwalk show, while a Frow-er is the VIP perched on said FROW. Important note: nobody actually says this term out loud. Possibly acceptable when prefaced with a hashtag, eg: #FROW woes, #FROW jumping, #FROWments



Not a type of cashpoint, but abbreviation of 'Of the moment'. Like: 'This is very OTM fashion acronym BTW.'

Like these two terms I have another few and I'll share them with you during all the fashion weeks.


woensdag 12 februari 2014


                                                 Front row at Marc Jacobs
                                           I love the show from Micheal Kors!!
                             Streetstyle by Chiara Ferragni of The Blond Salad
                                       Another one by Chiara Ferragni


Did you saw all the great photos off thisseasons New York Fashion Week?

They are so lovely!!

I'll show you a few of my favorites. I'll show you more another time. There are to much photos :P

Do you have some favorite pictures of NYFW?

Let me know!!


ps. You can always ask me anything on ask.fm

zondag 9 februari 2014

overview -part 2


As promised my favorite looks I showed on lookbook.nu.

You can find all my looks here

Hope you all had a nice weekend!!


zaterdag 8 februari 2014



I'm so sorry for the bad updating!! I had a very busy week.

The first half I had a lot to do for school and the second half I had to work, play a match and a bithday party from a friend of mine.

Today it was my dad birthday and I had to work, so still busy.

Tomorrow I try to update a new look again.