woensdag 29 januari 2014

All you need is a white shirt

*you shine brighter with a smile *

Not so happy looking :P

What are you looking at?!

Shirt:My moms
Boots:New Look


This post is a birthday post only for the Dutch ELLE. They celebrate their 25 birthday. And in their birthday issue it's all about white shirts( that's why I choose an outfit with a white shirt:P)

They show the greatest looks with white shirts and their editorial shoot is great!!! They show the white shirt in a new way! Preppy, Classic but also Playfull and a lot other ways.

And an extra for all the dutch readers. There's a giveaway from ELLE. Go to their site HERE and download their birthday app and maybe you win one of the selected white shirts!!

So hope you try it and I hope you'll let me know if you had won!


dinsdag 28 januari 2014



I thought maybe there's an other way to ask questions then through the blog. So I created an ask.fm account.

So you can ask me whatever you want here.

So go ahead and ask me everything!!


maandag 27 januari 2014

Cosy white knits

Love this picture!!

Me angry looking, haha :P

Jeans:Cheap Monday
Sweater:Primark(from my shoppingspree wirh some friends in the Christmasbreak)
Boots: Primark(same :P)


Here's my yesterdaya look. I thught it is just right for a lazy sunday.

Yesterday I only watched some films like Lady & the tramp( such a lovely disney movie), Prom and House bunny's. All the movies a saw already a few times, but they are still great to watch.

My dad wasn't that happy with me and all my high school movies, but he enjoyed the disney movie. :P

So how was your weekend?

Mine was great!!

Today I started with a not so great day. From the eigth planned lessons only 3 will given and of course the first and last lessons. So I'll be the whole dayat school and have only a few lessons. That's why I made this post in the middle of the day :P

Hope you all have a better start of the week!!


vrijdag 24 januari 2014


Boots: Steve Madden(last year)
Scarf:Made by me :P


I wanted to show you a really great dress, but the wind was so cold I decided to show a look with my favorite coat.
So I will show you the dress another time.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Mine will be really relax and calm. I don't have to work and have no homework. So I have all the time for taking a walk and take some pictures.

Have all a nice weekend!!

woensdag 22 januari 2014



I just wanted to share all my favorite looks since I started my blog.
I think I'll show you also my favorite looks I shared on lookbook before I started the blog.

Hope you had a really nice weekend and have already great plans for next weekend!!


Ps. I almost forgot. Has anybody an account on Stlyloola.com? I really want to share my looks there but I can't post them. So maybe you can help me.

donderdag 16 januari 2014


Leggings:POP CPH
Top:Vintage Retry
Boots:Dr. Martens


Last night I had a New years party from my job. After the official part, it was so much fun!!

Sadly the next morning I had to go early to school. :(

Tonight I have training and then just a bit tv watching.

Have you already plans for the weekend?

I do!! Saturday I go with some friends as a birthday present for one of my friends to the sauna. And maybe we eat something after it.
Sunday I have a birthday party from my aunt.

So a lot of partying and cake this weekend :P


woensdag 15 januari 2014

Spring/Summer 2014

                                                     Jeans by Calvin Klein
                                      One of my favorites from Saint Laurent
                                         Mulberry with of course Cara Delevigne
                                                  girly dresses at DKNY


I'm really looking forward to summer this year!! And because the weather is not bad but still not anything like spring I thought, 'Why not check out the newest collection', so I can make a list with summer musthaves.

And I'm in love with the newest trends!! And now I want to wear them, but it's to cold :(

But here are my favorites untill now :)


maandag 13 januari 2014



I told you I would go to The Hague to a museum were they show lot of greatstuff from Chanel.

Well, I went with my mom by train. We had a lot waiting time because there were workings on the rails. Not so great. But when we where there we had seen so much great things. and learned so much more about the whole story of Chanel.

The museum made also a book about the all that, you can buy it at the site from the Gemeente museum in three different languages, Dutch, English and French. So everyboday can read it.
In the book they tell you all of every clothing piece and all the jewellery they showed.

It was such a great and fun day. So maybe it is just me, because I'm in love with Chanel since ever, but if you have any intrest in fashion you have to read the book or have a look at all the vintage pieces from Chanel in a beautiful museum.

So have all a nice week!!