woensdag 4 september 2013

The devil wears Prada

                             Found this fanart on google. It is great, isn't it?

                 One of the best roles she played. Ever.


Tomorrow it will be even hotter than today. 30 degrees!! Lucky me I've not a long school day, so I can relax in the sun.

Tomorrow night I'll first train and after that and a quick shower. I'll go watch The Devil wears Prada. After this great movie there is a documentary about fashion I'm really looking forward to.

I think it's really interessting to know what other people think about fashion. It's great to hear or see what people on the other side of the world like or hate.

I'm also every time amazed about how many poeple work in the fashion industry or are obsessed with fashion and really go crazy when they see the word 'SALE' or 'New Season'.

Maybe I will post tomorrow or Friday the most interesting things I heard in this documentary.


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