woensdag 11 september 2013

Elite-part 2

    The girl in the green long armed shirt is me. I think I look strange at that picture:)

This is the girl from my school in one of her other shoots she did.


I found some pictures from my Elite Model look expiernce. I was also in the local news paper. so funny. At school people say like:´Hey, I saw you in the news paper. Cool!´
Very funny.:P

A girl from my school was to the next round. Today she heard she was to the next round. That#s really great for her. Not so for me, because I hear every 5 minutes ´Wow, great she´s to the next round. O sorry, you´re not. It´s maybe strange to hear or not?´
Things like that I hear the whole time. Not so great.

Maybe it works another time. Or not. Maybe I don´t want to do a thing like that ever again. I don´t know.
It would be great if it works. But in the main time I´ll spam you with all my pictures:P


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