zondag 22 september 2013

ZZ Zangersheide

There were lots of tiny dogs there.

At one of the stalls in the more exclusive market.

Sweet and soft foals!

Horse jumping competition.

The tribune for Vip's like Sheiks and other rich people.

More horse jumping.

Stall for the normal people:P

Today I went to Zangersheide. That's a horse training station in Lannaken, Belgium.

This weekend there was a kind of fair. There were octions, horse jumping competitions and a lot of stalls(food, farms and horse ride clothing.)

Under the tribunes there was a more exclusive market with very expensive brands like Mercedes and Swarovski. There was also a small restaurant, it smelled so good, but was only for VIP's.

After we looked around there, we went to the most sweetest erae of Zabgersheide.
The foals!

They are so soft and they like it when you kuddle them:)
They were so young, they have to stay by there moms.

Next year I'll go again!!


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