dinsdag 31 december 2013

Happy New Year!!

Fake Fur Jacket:H&M
Boots:New Look


Sorry for being one day to late, but here as promissed the total look from my New Years Eve outfit.

Yesterday I was with some friends to the new Primark in Eindhoven, Netherlands. They say it's the biggest in the whole Benelux(Belgium, Netherlans and Luxembourgh). 3 stages full of clothes and accessoires!! Great!!

A bought not that much because I really need a new camera, because mine is dead:'( Do you have some suggestions?
Now I take pictures with my dad's camera, but he need it too so it don't really work.

Does some of you wild plans for tonight? I'll stay at home with my parents and family.

Have all a Happy New Year!! And see you next year :P


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zondag 29 december 2013

Sneaky peaky

Just very little make-up

Sand-style glitter nail polsh with the same color glitter as my dress

Neither huge shiny accessoires

All the accessoires  in one picture


As promised, here is a little sneak of my New Years Eve outfit I choose for this year.
Tomorrow I'll post the whole outfit.

Also tmorrow I'll go on a Primark shopping spree with some friends. So we can start after holiday ends shiny new on school :)

How where your Christmas days? And what will you do on New Year Eve?

Let me know!!

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zaterdag 28 december 2013

Christmas presents

H&M fake fur jacket and a vintage bag

Christmas decoration in my room

Wominaty by Theirry Mugler parfum

Pink Ribbon bracelet I gave to my mom and sister


Sorry for the bad photo's, but I couldn't wait to share them. It was already dark outside so it didn't worked very well, but I'll try to fix a few photo's tomorrow.

Here are a few Christmas presents. I think they are pretty cool this year :P.

I hope I have the chance to share a great new look tomorrow, maybe even the New years eve dress I already picked out. :)


maandag 23 december 2013


Top:America Today
Socks:F&F by tesco
Scarf: Made by me (I've been busy the last days:P)


Tomorow is the big day!! Christmas officially starts.

Tomorrow night we starts by going to the church and after that we go to my sisters house, were we all sit together and open the presents we bought for eachother.

So how looks your Chrismas like? Traditional or only eat together and give presents?

I don't think I'll update the blog next 3 days, because I'm to busy with family stuff.:P

So have all of you a great Christmas!!! And don't eat to much from the delicious food :)


zaterdag 21 december 2013

Fake fur in discount

Peacock Feathers Long Sleeve Buttons Fur CoatCamel Sleeveless Faux Fur Coat
Beige Long Sleeve Fur Crop CoatWhite Long Sleeve Crop Faux Fur Coat

                                                    Aren't they great!!??


I just wanted to share with you, that Sheinside ahs a new great offer!!

All their fakefur jackets and gilets are in a temporary sale. So go quick to Sheinside and order untill 12/28 your new favorite soft jacket with a discount!!

Isn't that a great offer?!! Sadly I have just bought a fake fur jacket so I don't need one anymore, but you can do it!!

See it as a Christmas present to yourself :P


vrijdag 20 december 2013

Still no winter

Beane:Made by me :P


It's getting warmer now. I don't understand anything now, really!!
There have to be a bump of snow everywhere, but no the sun is shining and it's above 10 degrees in December.

But I think it's also great. You can do a lot things outside with friends or taking a long walk.

So time is running out before Christmas and lucky me I bought already all the presents, the only thing I have to do is decorate my room. I hadn't time for it at all during the testweek and working.

So that's what I'm going to do before I have to go to work.


dinsdag 17 december 2013

Christmas feeling


Today I finally decorated our Christmas tree. I think it gives a house an instant christmas feeling with all the lights and sparkling stuff in it.
How does your Christmas tree look like?

I love it when it's full of silver glass balls and a bit of glitter. I really ca look forward to it when it's time to buy a Christmas tree. So I couldn't wait to share a few pictures from my fresh decorated Christmas tree :)

My test period is finally over and now I have two and a half week holiday, which will be full of friends, family, food and a lot winter movies :)

I hope I have now a bit more time to blog some new outfit posts between all the party's and dinners :)

So have all a happy holiday!! And (I'm sure I'll say it again later) have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!!


zaterdag 14 december 2013


Skirt:My moms
Boots:New Look
Blazer:Marc Cain


Here are a few bohemian-like outfit photos. I like these pics very much!!

On these pictures you can very good see how the weather is here. Today is it 11 degrees!!
Very warm, that's why I still take pictures without coat.

So sorry for all of you who need a coat otherwise they will freeze as hell, that you have not that much inspiration from my looks as normally.

Here is the link to my lookbook account

vrijdag 13 december 2013

comfy stripes

Leggings: POP Cph(you can buy it at FEE conceptstore)
Sweater: H&M
Boots: New Look
Scarf: My moms


This is one of the other photos my friend shot. I think it's very lovely as the other onces I'd showed you.

This weekend is very relaxing, no stress only a lot time to learn for the last 3 test next week.
And then Holiday!!

It still isn't snowing and neither getting colder so maybe no white Christmas this year :(

Nice weekend everyone!!


donderdag 12 december 2013

strange weather


I just wanted to say hey before I go to school.

The weather was so strange last few days. First it was sunny, then totally misty and today it's extremely sunny again.

I've made some pictures.

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dinsdag 10 december 2013

Great offer from Sheinsde


Don't you think it's a great offer!!

So check it out and hurry to get you new Christmas outfit with a HUGE discount!!
You can click the link on the top of my blog :P, our click HERE


zondag 8 december 2013

Sweet time..

I love this picture!!

Coat: Prada
Dress:H&M(few years ago)
Boots: New Look
Earings: Primark(last year)


Yesterday I went shooting with a good friend. It was so nice and the photo's are great!!
I think the result is great!! What do you think?

Next two weeks I have test week but I have enough time to make some pictures and of course I'll show you all the pictures from yesterdays shoot :P


vrijdag 6 december 2013

Look of the moth

Look of the Month: week 3

Look of the Month: week 3
06.12.2013 - Redactie
De derde en dus laatste genomineerde is bekend!

Elke maand kiest de redactie van CG! drie looks die kans maken op een hele pagina in ons blad. Wie de meeste stemmen krijgt wint!
De derde genomineerde van de Look of the Month is MariekeS.


I have such great news to share with you, guys.

I'm nominated for the 'Look Of  The Month' from a Dutch magazine, Cosmogirl!!

I would really love it when you vote for me HERE

I'm so exicted!!


donderdag 5 december 2013


Boots, Oasap                        broques, Oasap                     Peeptoe Heel, Oasap  
 Side Zip Closure Elastic Back Over-the-knee Boots OASAP.com  
Overknee Boots, Oasap                   Broque Heels, Oasap        


Oh my God!! I felt in love with the shoes from Oasap!!

They are so great!! Here I show you a few.

Blue Yellow Dress, Oasap      Baby Blue Dress, Oasap        Printed Legging, Oasap
Blue White Sweater, Oasap      Grey White Sweater, Oasap

And what do you think about these clothes?
Lovely, aren't they?

Oh, and so sorry about all these clothes posts and less outfit posts. I just discovered only a lot new web shops :P