zondag 8 september 2013

My Elite experience

                                               The official promo photos

                                                             The location


Today I went to a casting from Elite model look Netherlands.
Sadly I was not choosen to go a next round:(

But there is a chance I'll called the next two weeks. And if I will be called I probably go to the next round. Wish me luck!!!

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside so I'm waiting for the official photos. Of course I'll post them to show you all.

It was a very impressive thing to see and join. It's funny to see some people walk down the pink catwalk. There was also a def girl, but she did it so good. Sadly she was not chosen to go to the next round either.

There were so many girls, and boys!, who were trying to be good. Some of them were great others were good. Some of them went to the next round, others not.

I met some really nice girls. One of them drove two hours on the motorcycle with her father to come to this casting. Sadly she was not chosen either:(

If you really want to do something like this, be prepared for very long waiting. Waiting before you can go in. Waiting when your inside. Waiting when your with a group staying on pink catwalk.

After all this you can go outside and you're so happy to can take off your shoes. (If you had stand more than 2 hours on your heels, every girl, even the most heel-addictive girl who wears heels every day, is happy to take of the shoes)

That was my busy Sunday. See you next time:P


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