maandag 23 september 2013


                             Wollstreet, a knitstore in Sittard, Netherlands near my place.

Tonight my moms knittingclub is at our home. It's very fun. If you don't want autumn or winter to come, you change your mind in just one second if you see those cozy and soft projects of these lady's.

They have all different projects. One knits a jumper, an other one socks and one a very colorfull scarf.

You can make such great different things!

I knit by myself. It's great to get lots of compliments when you wear a selfmade scarf or beanie.

My mom sells knitting yarn and sets to make a scarf or beanie. If you want to buy or have a view on her collection you can e-mail to:

I hope you get the knitvirus too!!:P


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