woensdag 31 juli 2013

3 days

Me and my brother on holiday posing:P


I'm 3 days home now and every day it had  been rained. (that explanes no new photos)
I've worked also a lot, so I had not much time.

The wetter will be a lot better so I have the chance to make a lot new pictures. Of course I will show you them.

My holiday was great!! Have youys been on holiday yet? Maybe you will tell me.


zaterdag 27 juli 2013



You maybe saw it. I changed already some photos.
If you like my style you can also find me on lookbook as Marieke S.
Maybe you have also a lookbook account and I even like your style:P


Going home

Bag:Vintage(and shopping bags:P)

After 3 weeks I'll be going home tomorrow.
After 3 weeks relaxing I'll be have to work again, but that's really good. I work together with lovely people and all my earned money I'll spent on a London trip in October. I relly look forwrd to it!!

This picture was taken in Middelburg, Zeeland. My little brother had taken it.
My family and me went shopping there. Does somebody know this great bookstore on the marketplace? it's great! They sell a lot international magazines about everything. A lot genres read books, cooking, travel books and a lot more. They have also lots of CD's.
In their little Café in the middle of the store they sell everything biolgic sandwiches, meals and some drinks. And it tastes great!! If you're near you have to try!
We spent always hours in there and always come out with vey heavy bags:).


ps. When I have some time rest next week I'll edit some post with more pictures and other sizes.

dinsdag 23 juli 2013

finally summer

Sunglasses: Rayban
Shorts: Vintage Levi's
Shoes: Birkenstock
Bracelets: Leather(from a market)
Necklaces: Vintage


This hole week is already sunny. We had more sun this week than last year and that's enough to be really happy. Today we were again in Veere. It was great as the last time.
This picture was taken on the beach near our campingplace. When we were taken the photo's al lot people stare and look like we are stupid or something.:) That was very funny.

Tomorrow it will probably rain. But it's okay we're still in Holland. :)

When I'm home again I'll change a lot posts with more photo's.(here is no good wifi so it takes hours:(.)

zondag 21 juli 2013


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heey guys!!

you can now find me also on bloglovin.  so please love my blog :P


new/old obsession


A few year's ago I really liked to join a Kitesurf training but never had the chance to do it. Now Im again near the water and would it again, but have again no time.
Does anyone of you have an idea what to do otherwise? I really like all that surfstuff, but where I live nobody likes it and there is no place to do it.

Does somebody or somebody you know surf or something like it?
I really hope you can help me with my new/old problem:)


donderdag 18 juli 2013

visiting some markets

Ray Ban Neon Pink Trainers, Dieforit Shirt, H&M Jeans, Leather Bracelet With Charm, Ray Ban Sunglasses
Bracelet: Leather with charm(bought today on a little stall on the market)
Subglasses: Ray Ban

Today was again a great sunny day. I woke up very earlytoday and went bycing to the nearest village, where I bought some fresh crossaints and chocolat-milk.
This morning were there also the weekly market, where my family and I wnt to also. On this market is every time a stall with pancakes.They are baked by some old people for the local choir, the pancakes are delicious!!

Yesterday we went to Renesse, Netherlands. and when we went bak to the campingplace we made a stop by EKO. It's near the busstop(Tranferium) and opposite the bicyclerent. everything they sale is biologic, even the coke. You can buy there faitrade chocolate, teas and coffee.
They have a little terace in the front of the building. On that terace ran chickens and ducks, if you ask the owners you may feed them, that looks very funny.:)

Tomorrow we go to a small knitfair and a fleemarket. Maybe I find something wonderfull between all the mess.:)

maandag 15 juli 2013

15 july

Today was a very beautiful day. The sun shined, we ate some icecream and went to the beach. When we went back to the campingplace I discovered something.
I was sunburned. On my whole back, face and feet. A great present from a day at the beach.

But it is not that bad. after a shower it get's better and tomorrow will all the painfull areas be gone.

Tomorrow it will be also a great day, and the plan is going to the beach again. Hopefully I'll not get sunburned again.:)

Does anyone have good ideas what to do on a long day at the beach with your family?

zondag 14 juli 2013

after a long day the sun began to shine

H&M Cora Kempen Dress, Vintage Necklaces, Glasses - A day near the sea - Marieke Schreurs
dress: Cora Kempen
Necklaces: vintage( found on some markets)
sunglasses: H&M

Today the sun didn't shine much. Me and my famaly went to the beach but we went very soon back to the campingplace. My brother and me took some pictures near the sea. The pictures from me were also taken by him.

Tomorrow it will be a great day, so we go to the beach. I really look forward to it.

zaterdag 13 juli 2013


here are some photos from Veere, a little town in Zeeland, Netherlands with a lot of tiny shops.
One of them is Oma's snoepwinkeltje( Grandma's candyshop) were you can buy a lot candy for a few euro's. They have all the candy your grandparents ate and maybe your parents. And the best is, al the candy taste great!( not so great for your body :P)
Veere has also a great authentic tiny harbour.( I'll post some photos later. my batteries were empty when I would take some photos from the harbour:( .) In this harbor lay sweet tiny boats, new and old of wood.
In every diner with a terrace you can eat mussels, oysters and other fishfood.

A very beautiful place were you'll find me every time I've went to Zeeland.

vrijdag 12 juli 2013

first post

Jeans, Sneakers, Beats By Dr. Dre, Top

Hey guys!
This is my first post. I hope you would like my blog :). I'll share all the important things about my life and things I think they are great.

I really hope I'll see you again.

This is also my first day of my this years summer holiday in Zeeland, Netherlands.
Today was not so sunny but tomorrow it will be sunnier I hope :)

The picture was taken this morning very early. That explanes my not so happy face:P