donderdag 29 augustus 2013

This blogger called...

                                                                   picture of last april

                                                 picture of  september 2011


I'm currently, well ectually since quite a while:P, obsessed with this blogger.

She called Petra Karlsson. Maybe you know her.
I love her style. It's so wearable. Not those outfits which are very beautiful but you haven't a perfect time to wear it.

She rapport also al the great stuff she does with friends or the less great stuff like school.

And the best is she's only 16, so just a year younger as me. I think it's stupid you can't find great blogger who are quite young our at least a few years older than me.
aybe some of you do.

Would you like to visit Petras blog? Here's the link:

I hope you like her much as I do!


dinsdag 27 augustus 2013


Bracelet: FEEconceptstore
Ring:My moms


It rained the whole weekend. And now when we go to school the sun shines. A lot.

In october I go for a few days to London. I'm very excited!! Does any of you have any tips to go to?
I'll visit the National Gallery and go to Camden market. Of course I will go shop. Maybe go to Harrod's.

I'm already plannig what i will do then.:)


zondag 25 augustus 2013

Let the show go on!

                            Sorry about the bad pictures. Inside they always not great:(


Today was this fashion show. One problem. It rained. Al lot.

Lots of stores didn't join the show in the end, so there were just a few models:(

Because there were just a few models it was at he outside of the shop. Fee conceptstore.

These are the pictures I took from the show. It was very hard, because all the people walked in front of the camera.:P

hope you like it!


zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

something blue-part 2

Blazer:America Today
Ring:H&M (the new icons, set of two)


I told you about this store opening. It was great!!
The shop is a lot bigger. The tea is delicious. The new collection is to die for.
The whole thing is just so much better. (And it was already great!!)

I'll post some pictures later. I'll bet you love it too.


vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

FEE conceptstore


Come in for breakfast, brunch or lunch, or join our reading table were you can sit back with a coffee and enjoy our magazines and free wifi! Our café will brew the best coffee in town and focuses on the catwalk health food trend: green, organic and delicious!

Ben jij al nieuwsgierig naar ons nieuwe café? Hier alvast een sneak-peek!

See you this weekend 
Vertaling bekijken


Did I tell you about my favourite store? Well, it called FEE and they have a store in Sittard, Netherlands. But all for you who don't live near, they also have a Webshop.

Tomorrow I'll go to the opening of their new store. New is, they do have yet a bar where you can buy eco-drinks and stuff.

For those who want to now a lot more. They have a great blog. maybe you have a look!!


donderdag 22 augustus 2013

school started again

Blazer:Marc Cain


sorry for bad updating. School started again and so does the stress. hahaha.
I'm already very busy. School started just 3 days!! How is it possible??
I think they learned how to do that.

does your school started again or do you already work?
let me now!

This weekend I have a store opening and 2 fashion shows. I hope I can make a lot photos to show you all.


zondag 18 augustus 2013


You can find me on since today. It almost the same as, but with a bit extra. You can add more photo's to a look. You can also add music or product to it. I love it!!

You can find me as Marieke S. the same as on Lookbook. :P


after rain comes sunshine


vrijdag 16 augustus 2013

16th august 2013

Shorts: Vintage Levi's
Bracelets: Pink & small silver one, FEE conceptstore
                 others vintage


Does one of you know how I can see the comments? I get an icon next to my posts that someone has commented a post but I don't see one:( HELP!!

Maybe somebody can help me.


donderdag 15 augustus 2013

just a few basics together in one outfit

Jeans: H&M
Boots:Steve Madden

Sorry for the bad updating. School starts monday and I have a lot stuff to do before school starts.
This weekend is a kind of party weekendin my village. There is on saturday a coverband and on monday there is also a little band were you can go and dance.:P Monday-night there is a 'Kingsball'. It's kind of Prom. Hahaha.

I hope I can post this weekend some looks.

See you!



I'll post the whole look soon!!


vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

This week.

Quick Silver Jeans, America Today T Shirt, Vans Shoes

This week was very boring. I went out with some girlfriends on monday. The rest of the week I worked a lot and I finally started to clean my room and I will change some things before school starts.

After 2 weeks no rain it rained yesterday the whole day. Today it had rained also a few times:(, so I couldn't make a walk or take some new pictures outside. I tryed to make some good inside but just one really looked good:(

After all this week sucked. Maybe the weekend will be better.