vrijdag 29 augustus 2014

school offers






Here are some items I really like from Sheinside.

And the best is they are in sale now!!

Hope you find some things to wear at your school start.


zondag 24 augustus 2014

night out

Dress: Heidi Long ( old one, but still has great pieces)


Bracelets: Forever 21, feeconceptstore, vintage

Bag: Vintage

Watch: Oozoo


Yesterday was the first day sun since almost two weeks of loods of rain.

And the plan was when the weather was good I would take some more pictures. But unfortualy I hadn't had the time.

First I went together with my mom and dad to pulpfestival. You can check it at facebook. It was really nice, but by the time we were back home it was again raining.

But I have a lot pictures from the festival.


vrijdag 22 augustus 2014

make-up wishlist

Revlon lipcrayon
Actually almost everything from NARS

I really love the red and pink colors

Mac studio fix powder

Urban Decay naked eyeshadowpalet 2, I also like the First palet

Essie nailpolish in the color, sole mate 


So the last couple of days were very busy.

I had to work, I had to organiseren some things before school starts( this mondaine I'm start again) and then I want shopping school stuff.

So that's the respons it took so long for uploading this post.

I'll start with the make-up pieces I really want to buy in the next few months. :)

Just leave a comment if you knop some other great stuff I need to try.


dinsdag 19 augustus 2014

That kind of weather


Today the plan was to take some pictures from my outfit I wore yesterday night to a kind of dressed up party. (you can already see a sneak on my instagram @mariekeschreurs)

But that didn't worked. The weather is the whole week terrible, but I hoped it would be better today. It turned out there is more rain and that hour it didn't rain I was at the gym :(

Instead of the new look I'll show you my favorite pieces of my little make-up collection I own, and some pieces I still really want (maybe as a Christmas gift) I'm thinking in the future :P

Hope you guys also like this kind of posts!!


dinsdag 12 augustus 2014

Turning back to the sixties

It was a bit windy :)

Dress: Forever 21
Heels: Zara
Sunnies: RayBan
Watch: Oozoo


Here's a new look
 I really love the sixties stalen right now and I thought it looked really cute too.


maandag 11 augustus 2014

some new stuff

Grey dresses: Forever 21

White shirt: America Today

Bralette: Forever 21

Bracelet: Forever 21

Hair stuff: Forever 21

Blusher: Catrice

Eyeshadow: Catrice


Sorry for bad updating again,  but I'm still working a lot so I still don't have time for the blog.

But, next week I don't have to workshop that much anymore, so I'll have a lot more time to spent on blogging.

Hope you're not mad at me.

Don't forget to follow me on instagram @mariekeschreurs


maandag 4 augustus 2014

beach time

great view

someone was horseriding through the dunes

feeds in the sand

my brother was taking a picture of me when I was taking a picture of him.

little luch at the bakery


Yesterday I went together with my family to the beach in Zeeland, Netherlands.

The weather was wonderfull and of course we went to the beach.

When we'd arrived we first went to a bakery for a little lunch. After we'd finished we walked in this town called Renesse.

Then we went by bus to the beach and walked the whole afternoon.

We ate icecream at a beachclub and later we drank something in another one.

Of course we went to another tiny place called Burgh-Haamstede for diner.

After diner we went back home. We had to drive a bit less than an hour when it began to storm so that was a bit of a sad end of a wonderfull day.

I think I should do this way more aoften than I do now :P