dinsdag 7 januari 2014


 White Sleeveless Carriage Print Classic DressKhaki Sleeveless Vintage Diamond Patterned Sweater Dress
sheinside                                     sheinside                                         sheinside      


Sorry for so less outfitposts. I told you about my crashed camera and I have still no other one so I can't take pictures :(

But I hope I had show you my fashion insiration in an other way. I love She Inside!! I really love their stuff!! So I thought maybe you want to now about their new offers and stuff from them what I like. That's why I shared so much from She Inside with you guys the last time.

And no suprise, here I have another offer from them. All their Vintage look like dresses are 15% off. So if I were you, I would take a look at their dresses and maybe you like one or two and you can buy them with a great discount!!

So sorry again for stalking you with their stuff and for the less photo's but I promise I let you nw when I have a new one and then i'll take a lot more pictures!!

Have a nice evening!!


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