maandag 27 januari 2014

Cosy white knits

Love this picture!!

Me angry looking, haha :P

Jeans:Cheap Monday
Sweater:Primark(from my shoppingspree wirh some friends in the Christmasbreak)
Boots: Primark(same :P)


Here's my yesterdaya look. I thught it is just right for a lazy sunday.

Yesterday I only watched some films like Lady & the tramp( such a lovely disney movie), Prom and House bunny's. All the movies a saw already a few times, but they are still great to watch.

My dad wasn't that happy with me and all my high school movies, but he enjoyed the disney movie. :P

So how was your weekend?

Mine was great!!

Today I started with a not so great day. From the eigth planned lessons only 3 will given and of course the first and last lessons. So I'll be the whole dayat school and have only a few lessons. That's why I made this post in the middle of the day :P

Hope you all have a better start of the week!!


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