maandag 13 januari 2014



I told you I would go to The Hague to a museum were they show lot of greatstuff from Chanel.

Well, I went with my mom by train. We had a lot waiting time because there were workings on the rails. Not so great. But when we where there we had seen so much great things. and learned so much more about the whole story of Chanel.

The museum made also a book about the all that, you can buy it at the site from the Gemeente museum in three different languages, Dutch, English and French. So everyboday can read it.
In the book they tell you all of every clothing piece and all the jewellery they showed.

It was such a great and fun day. So maybe it is just me, because I'm in love with Chanel since ever, but if you have any intrest in fashion you have to read the book or have a look at all the vintage pieces from Chanel in a beautiful museum.

So have all a nice week!!


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