dinsdag 8 oktober 2013

Be Prepared

Here those great beanie boxes and my self-made beanie with fake fur ponpom

What do you do when you ill and bored? Draw!!


After the heavy rain and a night sleep I became ill, so no outfit post on monday.
Now I feel a bit better but don't look so well.(see the pictures:P)

Today I made some photos for my moms shop.
See the great boxes? In these boxes are a needle, wool and a label, so you can make your own beanie with or without ponpom or a loop-scarf.
Very warm and stylisch!!

Sent me an e-mail if you want more info or buy it!! XP

Just a few days before London!!
On the friday before I go with a friend to The Octoberfest in Sittard, Netherlands. A Dutch radio-dj will play. He's really good!

Very excited!! Seeya!


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