donderdag 17 oktober 2013

London part 1

Sunday we went to Camden town. Great!!

The Underground!

Somewhere in Camdentown

My friends

More Camden

One leader bought a umbrella for an other leader, because it rained, a yellow one with a sun. It was very funny. Follow the sun!! haha.

King speech corner

We lived those five days in the Underground :P

Aren't they lovely!!


Sorry for the bad updating. As you all know I went to London last week.
It was great!!!

I've made some new great friends. There were a lot of funny moments.

Bad thing: my camera crashed a bit so I don't have a lot of photo's and my tablet I've got with me didn't received wifi so 5 days without internet and no time to update the blog. Sorry!!

I have just this couple of pictures made in this post. On the site of the organisation of the trip come more pictures, so I try to make a post with those photos.

I had such a great time! It was almost perfect.
We slept with a guest-family, who were very kind. And the food was so good!

I went with 2 friends and we went shopping a lot of the free-time(the rest of the time we ate :P)

At Primark I felt in love with the cosy boots at the last picture. Do you like them?

Tell you more about my trip another time :P


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