donderdag 18 juli 2013

visiting some markets

Ray Ban Neon Pink Trainers, Dieforit Shirt, H&M Jeans, Leather Bracelet With Charm, Ray Ban Sunglasses
Bracelet: Leather with charm(bought today on a little stall on the market)
Subglasses: Ray Ban

Today was again a great sunny day. I woke up very earlytoday and went bycing to the nearest village, where I bought some fresh crossaints and chocolat-milk.
This morning were there also the weekly market, where my family and I wnt to also. On this market is every time a stall with pancakes.They are baked by some old people for the local choir, the pancakes are delicious!!

Yesterday we went to Renesse, Netherlands. and when we went bak to the campingplace we made a stop by EKO. It's near the busstop(Tranferium) and opposite the bicyclerent. everything they sale is biologic, even the coke. You can buy there faitrade chocolate, teas and coffee.
They have a little terace in the front of the building. On that terace ran chickens and ducks, if you ask the owners you may feed them, that looks very funny.:)

Tomorrow we go to a small knitfair and a fleemarket. Maybe I find something wonderfull between all the mess.:)

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