zaterdag 27 juli 2013

Going home

Bag:Vintage(and shopping bags:P)

After 3 weeks I'll be going home tomorrow.
After 3 weeks relaxing I'll be have to work again, but that's really good. I work together with lovely people and all my earned money I'll spent on a London trip in October. I relly look forwrd to it!!

This picture was taken in Middelburg, Zeeland. My little brother had taken it.
My family and me went shopping there. Does somebody know this great bookstore on the marketplace? it's great! They sell a lot international magazines about everything. A lot genres read books, cooking, travel books and a lot more. They have also lots of CD's.
In their little Café in the middle of the store they sell everything biolgic sandwiches, meals and some drinks. And it tastes great!! If you're near you have to try!
We spent always hours in there and always come out with vey heavy bags:).


ps. When I have some time rest next week I'll edit some post with more pictures and other sizes.

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