zaterdag 13 juli 2013


here are some photos from Veere, a little town in Zeeland, Netherlands with a lot of tiny shops.
One of them is Oma's snoepwinkeltje( Grandma's candyshop) were you can buy a lot candy for a few euro's. They have all the candy your grandparents ate and maybe your parents. And the best is, al the candy taste great!( not so great for your body :P)
Veere has also a great authentic tiny harbour.( I'll post some photos later. my batteries were empty when I would take some photos from the harbour:( .) In this harbor lay sweet tiny boats, new and old of wood.
In every diner with a terrace you can eat mussels, oysters and other fishfood.

A very beautiful place were you'll find me every time I've went to Zeeland.

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