dinsdag 6 mei 2014




Here are the pictures from my prom dress. I really like the flowy fabric. It waves behind you when you walk and you feel like a princess :P

Well, my prom was great. It was in a castle with water around and a lane, so I guess every girl felt like a princess.

At 2 pm I went to the hairdresser to do my hair and the weather was great, with sun and no wind. But just before I went to a friend to go together to the prom it started to rain :( So there was a little bit panic :P
Sadly we couldn't take any pictures so that's why the hair is a bit different as in the first picture.

In the castle was a room with a live band, one with a dj and a room where you could take pictures and was a bit room to sit down. Outside you could eat fries (so delicious after a few drinks :P)

At the end I could say it was a great night with a lot fun, dancing and drinks :P

So do you already had a prom? Let me know if you liked it!!


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