dinsdag 6 mei 2014

4 & 5 May

                                             The logo of the two days

                                                 You give freedom further

                                                    Our King and Queen

                                        A picture from one of the festivals

                                         This years ambassadors of freedom

                              There are always some veterans who will be honored

              The 2 minutes of silent in Amsterdam. There are always a lot of people there.


Here in the Netherlands we celebrate at 4 & 5 May that the World War 2 is over every year.

The official part is on the 4th, then do we think of all the people who are died in the war. We are all 2 minutes silent in honor of the fallen. I think it's a great sign of respect!

The fun part is at the 5th. Then do we celebrate the we are free. At a lot places in the whole country are festivals and there are always a few Dutch artists who are ambassador of freedom for this day and fly through the country with a helicopter to all the festivals.

These festivals are so nice! A lot of big names in the Netherlands are at these festivals were you can go for free.

I think it's so weird only the Dutch people do this and not all the other countries who had a lot to suffer of this war.

So I think it would be great if other countries will beginning to do something like this too!!

Now a such different subject. Tonight is the first part of the Eurovision Songcontest!! Every year my whole family is watching this. It's so great to see what different music styles are popular in countries who are neighbors.

So I'm very excited for tonight to see which countries are going to the finals!!


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