dinsdag 31 december 2013

Happy New Year!!

Fake Fur Jacket:H&M
Boots:New Look


Sorry for being one day to late, but here as promissed the total look from my New Years Eve outfit.

Yesterday I was with some friends to the new Primark in Eindhoven, Netherlands. They say it's the biggest in the whole Benelux(Belgium, Netherlans and Luxembourgh). 3 stages full of clothes and accessoires!! Great!!

A bought not that much because I really need a new camera, because mine is dead:'( Do you have some suggestions?
Now I take pictures with my dad's camera, but he need it too so it don't really work.

Does some of you wild plans for tonight? I'll stay at home with my parents and family.

Have all a Happy New Year!! And see you next year :P


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