dinsdag 3 december 2013

First giveaway!!

'Glam-County' style

'White Wonderland' style

'Classic Christmas' style


I've started blogging a half year ago on my summer holiday. And now it's time to PARTY!!!

I thought why not giveaway something to celebrate the half year exist of my blog!

And because it's almost Christmas-time, I thought I give away cute Christmas decoration.
I chose 6 little things. 1 for every month. And all of them in 3 different styles.
2 in the 'White Wonderland'style, The deer have glitter all over, 2 in 'Glam-Country'style, on the house you can leave a message with crayons and 2 in 'Classic Christmas'style, they have also glitter all over.

I think everybody can find something they like.

All you have to do is leave a comment with your e-mail address, which decoration-style you would the most  and  the answer on the following question: 'What do you like the most on Christmas?'

In 5 days I'll publish the 3 winners and sent them of course an e-mail.

So take a chance and maybe you will win a great Christmas gift.


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