maandag 4 augustus 2014

beach time

great view

someone was horseriding through the dunes

feeds in the sand

my brother was taking a picture of me when I was taking a picture of him.

little luch at the bakery


Yesterday I went together with my family to the beach in Zeeland, Netherlands.

The weather was wonderfull and of course we went to the beach.

When we'd arrived we first went to a bakery for a little lunch. After we'd finished we walked in this town called Renesse.

Then we went by bus to the beach and walked the whole afternoon.

We ate icecream at a beachclub and later we drank something in another one.

Of course we went to another tiny place called Burgh-Haamstede for diner.

After diner we went back home. We had to drive a bit less than an hour when it began to storm so that was a bit of a sad end of a wonderfull day.

I think I should do this way more aoften than I do now :P


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