zondag 24 november 2013

                                          The new building from the shop. Lovely isn't it?


Today I went together with my mom to an ocction. A secondhand store in Sittard, Netherlands has moved to a new building. It was first an Irish pub and the inside is so cosy, you still think it's a pub when you skip all the clothes.

Today it officially opened her doors again, and to celebrate it there was an ocction of special clothes. There were wedding dresses, a lot fur jackets( gifted by grannies :P) and some designer and vintage stuff.

I bought a skirt with matching cropped top. It's vintage and so lovely, I can't wait to show you.
And I bought a coat from Prada. It's grey and from wool with lovely accents at the back.

I love to go vintage shopping with my mom!! I always find such great things.

I'll show you soon my new stuff!


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