vrijdag 23 augustus 2013

FEE conceptstore


Come in for breakfast, brunch or lunch, or join our reading table were you can sit back with a coffee and enjoy our magazines and free wifi! Our café will brew the best coffee in town and focuses on the catwalk health food trend: green, organic and delicious!

Ben jij al nieuwsgierig naar ons nieuwe café? Hier alvast een sneak-peek!

See you this weekend 
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Did I tell you about my favourite store? Well, it called FEE and they have a store in Sittard, Netherlands. But all for you who don't live near, they also have a Webshop.

Tomorrow I'll go to the opening of their new store. New is, they do have yet a bar where you can buy eco-drinks and stuff.

For those who want to now a lot more. They have a great blog. maybe you have a look!!


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