vrijdag 27 juni 2014

Classic Store By Helma

Her logo designed by me :P

Thes are actually really nice

I know this is for baby's but this is just an example :P


Sorry for the lack of outfit posts, but now I'm in the last testweek of the year so the only clothes I wear right now are very comfy clothes and when I come home I slip in my pyjama pants to learn for the next test. So, I thik you don't wanna see that :P

Instead of that I already showed you some pics from another blogger, isn't she great? I really like her style, but I already said that in the last post.

Today I'll share a shop. It's actually my mom's :P I thought, why not. I use actually a lot of stuff from my mom's shop. I have some things in my room and all the things I knit are with her wool and needles. So, now she has some new stuff and thought maybe you like it as well.

Here is the link to her Facebook. All that is in Dutch but if you wanna know something you just have to ask and she will translate it in English or German.

So hope you like it!!


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