zondag 25 januari 2015



I just wanted to share my favorite things on my current wishlist. I know I'll never get all the things on this list, but maybe a fw pieces.

I also showed a picture of a Youtuber. Her name is Maddi Bragg and she's only 15 years old, but I really like her laid back style and of course her lovely videos. So if the weather is as bad as here at the moment, get on to youtube and check her out!!

The picture of the blonde hair I show you because I'll dye my hair a bit lighter. I hope I have time to go to the hairdresser this week. I can't wait to get it done!!

Sadly I still can't post that often as I want, because I'm even bussier with school as two weeks ago. I really hope you understand!

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Hope you all had a great weekend!!


woensdag 14 januari 2015

acid tartan

Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shirt: my dads
Jacket: Zara
Boots: Dr.Martens

woensdag 7 januari 2015



I'm sorry I don't post that often!  I really want to but i'm so busy with school and work.

So the only time I have left, is when it's already dark.

Taking pictures of my outfits is really hard!

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maandag 15 december 2014

vrijdag 5 december 2014



I'm sorry for my absense lately, but i'm so bus with school and work.

I'm also very busy with looking for a school for next year. It's because I'm in my last year of highschool.

So I'll try to update as much as possible.

I update my instagram  and tumblr  a lot more often so go and check that out!!


vrijdag 7 november 2014



Shirt: sheinside
Shoes: Truffle
Jacket: Zara


Here's my new look.

I wear here my new shoes and my new top from sheinside.
I'm totally in love with this look!!


vrijdag 31 oktober 2014

autumn weather?!

Jeans: primark
Top: H&M
Boots: Dr. Martens
Jacket: Zara


Here's a new look.  I know it's been a long time ago since my last look,  but I'll try to post more looks.

I've shopped a lot last month so I try to show you all my new purchases. Xp

So a little weather update xp
It's a nice 21 degrees today. I think it's great that you still can walk outside without a winter coat. :)

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