dinsdag 22 april 2014

BTW Happy Easter :P



I've been so busy last week with my last tests of my testweek!!

But, now Holiday starts and have no school for 3 weeks. So I can update a bit more than the last few weeks ( I was so bad in updating the blog, really sorry!!)

Thursday is my Prom and I'm so excited!!
Of course I'll show you my dress and everything :P


zondag 13 april 2014


Jeans:Cheap Monday

vrijdag 11 april 2014

This Tumblr thing


Two weeks ago I created a Tumblr account. A friend told me and I really love it!!

On Tumblr I can really free the whole me. Here on this blog only the fashion part. On Tumblr you can see the fashion part, the weird part :P, the cute part and some others you'll see if you have a look. :P

You can have a look at mine here.

So, do you have also an Tumblr account? You can ask me always everything you want there (I check Tumblr way more often than ask.fm) And of course I'll answer you. :)

Oh and btw, Have a nice weekend!!


zondag 6 april 2014

Things I love right now


Sorry!! I'm really love to wear shirts with jeans and sneakers right now, but I think the looks are so boring so I don't think you want to see them on the blog. That's why I updated last week for the last time an outfit post.

Instead of an outfit post I thought maybe it is fun to show you what kind of things I'm really into right now.
I love so much different things. Some are really sweet and girly, others are quite boyisch.

So what do you think of my current obsessions? :P


zaterdag 29 maart 2014

Now spring starts really

Sneakers:Converse All Stars (low)


This a look from last Thursday. I really love this look. It's just laid-back and so comfy.
Last Thursday was one of the first days I wore a T-shirt and I love it!!

Today it was already 20 degrees and tomorrow it will be even 22 or more degrees!!
So tomorrow I'll spent the day with walking in the sunshine and relaxing in the sun.

So hope you will have a such as nice weekend as I will!!


zaterdag 22 maart 2014

Full with plans

Shirt:America Today
Pants:Selfmade :P


All these pieces from my look I own fot quit a while, but never matched together. I don't know why not. I think it looks really great!!
What do you think?

Tomorrow I'll go to a fair for shop owners to buy new stuff for next winter. My mom own a knitting shop and of course, as all shopowners, we need to order things for next season.

And after that my whole family and the family of my sister's boyfriend will dine together to celebrate my sister's boyfriend birthday, so I think it will be very fun.

I'll let you know how I liked it in a few days.


dinsdag 18 maart 2014

new obsession


I just wanted to share my new obsession with you guys.

Currently I'm totally obsessed with running. Every day I run a bit further. The feeling after my session and after a worm shower is so great!!

If you want to sport again, but don't want to sport indoor. The only thing I can say, try running. You can begin short and slow, but every time you feel you can a bit further and faster. And sometimes it don't goes great you go a bit slower and shorter, but the next time you just want to do it a bit better.

In this short time I do this ( plus a break from a week, because of my illness :() I feel really great and happier.

The funniest thing is, when I go to school by bike(everyday) and I'm faster than others, the funny faces when they see it's a girly girl and not that sport type boy :P

So do you also run? Or do you do an other sport?


vrijdag 14 maart 2014

more spring stuff

1. sheinside, 2. sheinside, 3. sheinside, 4. sheinside, 5. sheinside, 6. sheinside


Here are another few items I found on the internet I would be really glad to have them this Spring/ Summer. I really love the light materials when it becomes warmer.

What do you think? Would these pieces be great for summer?




Sorry for bad updating!!
I've been ill all week and the only thing I did was sleep :)

But now I feel a lot better and of course will update a bit more.

Tomorrow I will go to Rotterdam to an open day at a school. And maybe I will study there when I'm finished with this school.

I'll try to take some pictures.


maandag 10 maart 2014

new closet wanties

1.here, 2. here, 3.here, 4.here


Because of all the good weather I really looking forward to buy new cute Spring/Summer pieces!!

I have found some really great pieces.

What do you think of these?