vrijdag 14 februari 2014

Fashion talks..


                                   The whole family at Victoria Beckham's show
                                      One of the most popular models 'OTM' 


Do you sometimes read an fashion article, see a video from real fashionistas or listen to an interview, and think 'What are you saying?!'

Well, maybe I have something that you may help understand all these rare words.

'My Little Fashion Dictionary'

Here I collect some terms you need to know when you want to understand fashion.



Frow(or F’row) refers to the, you guessed it, front row at a catwalk show, while a Frow-er is the VIP perched on said FROW. Important note: nobody actually says this term out loud. Possibly acceptable when prefaced with a hashtag, eg: #FROW woes, #FROW jumping, #FROWments



Not a type of cashpoint, but abbreviation of 'Of the moment'. Like: 'This is very OTM fashion acronym BTW.'

Like these two terms I have another few and I'll share them with you during all the fashion weeks.


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