dinsdag 17 september 2013

It's me again

                                My new favorite picture :P

                                                Can you see the cat?
Scarf:My mom's


I wish I could change the weahter now with the weather just 1 week ago. There's a huge dark grey cloud above where I live.

On my yesterdays forest walk(you could see already some pictures) I saw a veryc ute cat lying in the sun. It looked at me and didn't move, haha.

This week isthe last beforetestweek starts so I will be learning the next 2 weeks a lot.
After that test week is it just 2 weeks left before I go to London again.

I just love that city. There's so much to see and to do. And here are so many stylisch people!
On every streetcorner there is a cool dressed guy or a girl witha  cute dress.

If you ever need some inspiration go to London(or search the internet on London streetstyle:P)

I can't wait to be there again!!


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